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It is a common belief that men love with their eyes, people are judged based on their appearance and the modern world dictates harsh beauty rules for women of all ages. Magazines teach young girls the importance of beautiful body, that is well taken care of. The increased number of beauty parlors, plastic surgeons and beauty consultants only verifies the fact that more and more women will do anything to be or remain good-looking and youthful. Where the exact reasons for stretch marks vary according to age, body, lifestyle and dietary preferences, it is certain that they are portrayed as unsightly and magazines urge women to fight them in a variety of ways.

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Stretch marks occur where the dermis has been torn, due to constant stretching, and even though with time they may become less visible, it is highly unlikely that they will be eliminated naturally. These scars appear from rapid weight loss, hormones, usually related to pregnancy and puberty, and can be most frequently seen on thighs, hips and breasts. It has been seen that men also do get stretch marks, and these are usually related to diets and weight changes, as well as bodybuilding. Most recently these scars have also been seen on obese children, which raised the questions related with this dermatological condition, its effects and treatments. Therefore making stretch marks no longer about beauty, but also a health concern. When it comes to puberty and pregnancy, little can be done to prevent stretch marks, as they are related to hormonal changes. More than half of pregnant women see their bodies create stretch marks, usually on the abdominal area, thighs and hips. It has been discovered in recent studies that younger mothers have a lower risk of developing stretch marks, but it can also be gene-related. There are various creams and ointments that are directed to reduce their visibility, but there is no one treatment that can produce immediate or permanent results. Stretch marks usually become less prominent six to twelve months after the period of the body change when they started developing, and after that it is exercise, use of specialized creams and in some aggravated cases – professional cosmetic treatments or even plastic surgery that can help eliminate pigmentation altogether.

Watching your dietary habits and regular exercise can help prevent stretch marks. Lately the society has been promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is more advantageous than constantly following various diets, that help lose weight fast, but then it is gained back, thus stretching the skin. Regular physical activity will help maintain a solid weight, and this should not be taken to extremes, since many bodybuilders also have numerous stretch marks. Mothers of growing adults have to make sure that their children know what these are and their causes. Even though many of the causes of dermatological scarring are related to hormonal changes, others are a result of careless habits and lack of knowledge. With stretch marks, when it can be done, it is best to be proactive. stretch mark removal

Shawna’s Rhinoplasty Review

Rhinoplasty in Orange County is the most usual cosmetic surgery procedure. Nonetheless, lots of individuals are frequently baffled concerning the distinction in between nose job and septoplasty. Both surgical procedures are related to the nose, septoplasty is specifically done to repair a problem in a specific component of the nose – the septum.

Purpose of Function:

In regards to function, nose surgery is done to raise or lower the size of the nostrils, boost the nasal idea, or to add shape to the nasal bridge. With this, it is clear that rhinoplasty covers the majority of the aesthetic function of a nose surgery. Septoplasty on the other-hand is done to line up a departed septum, or to mend an angled septum maybe because of a crash or hereditary flaw. Sometimes, septoplasty is additionally done to quit recurring nosebleeds and to repair septal perforation that is frequently due to grunting cocaine and various other addictive substances.


While these treatments have different objectives, clients for both surgical treatments get anesthetic agents before surgery. Nose surgery and septoplasty are additionally performed in the exact same setting; an outpatient medical center, or a medical facility. It often takes less than two hrs just before the completion of nose job while septoplasty can be completed in one to one and an one-half hours.

In nose job, a small incision is done on the inside component of the nostrils and the columella (when open nose surgery is done). A graft which is acquired from the person’s ear is generally needed to achieve the wanted form of the nose. A steel or plastic splint might additionally be essential to preserve the new shape of the nose.
In septoplasty, the cosmetic surgeon makes a tiny cut inside the wall of either the left or best component of the nose. The cartilaginous septum is moved or taken out so regarding repair today disorder. The mucous membranes are then kept back to its typical anatomical position.

Both surgeries placed the client at threat for bleeding. To stop too much blood loss, nasal packs are put inside the nose up until blood loss is regulated. It may therefore be needed to take a breath through the mouth after the surgery.

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After rhinoplasty, you can quickly go residence for recovery. Nasal packs utilized in nose surgery are taken after 3 to 5 days; nasal packs used in septoplasty are generally taken 24- 36 hours after the surgery.

Wound healing might be slower in rhinoplasty than in septoplasty. The suggestion of the nose might still be puffy two weeks after nose job, and breathing might be uneasy.

From the comparison over, we can conclude that rhinoplasty deals more on the aesthetic improvement whereas septoplasty manage remedying a clinical health condition. It is crucial to keep in mind that both surgical procedures do have typical threats and issues. Several of the typical difficulties to look out are recurring blood loss, and infection.